Selbie’s Top 5 Tips on Buying Second Hand Furniture

Looking for office furniture on a budget? Second hand office furniture is a great option, and to help, here are our top five tips to help you make the right purchase for you.

1. Be Specific

Know what you want and don’t get distracted. Plan out exactly what you or your office needs and go in looking specifically for those items. Once you’ve obtained the office furniture that you need, you may find – if you’ve gotten a good price – that you have money left over to spend on a few wants.

2. Be Quick

Second hand office furniture is in demand, and chances are if you wait too long to make a decision some savvy shopping is going to snap it up. Second hand furniture shopping needs decisive, quick decisions. Not to say you don’t need to be careful, or be so quick you make poor decisions. Find a balance, and go in with a plan so that you feel confident enough to say ‘yes, I’ll take it’ when you see a great deal.

3. Have a Budget

Planning what you need and how much you want to spend on each item as well as overall will help you with tips one and two. If you know your budget, you can make better decisions. If you purchase something under budget, you’ll know you have a bit more to spend on the next item, and so on. Find everything you need and its total is under budget, well then, you’ll know you can add in that fancy office chair, or office desk lamp that you wanted to your list.

4. See it in Person

Second hand furniture is a bit trickier than brand new, so seeing it in person may not be required – especially from a reputable seller – but for your peace of mind and confidence in purchasing it is a good idea to check it out for yourself. This way you’ll know exactly what you are getting for you money and be happy and confident in your purchases.

5. Look for Quality

Second hand office furniture is great on a budget, but don’t skimp too much and get poor quality furniture otherwise you’ll find you need to replace everything again in a year. Look for quality purchases, be savvy with what you are spending but don’t sacrifice a quality purchase just to save a few bucks. If you do, you’ll find your budget would have been better off spending a little more the first-time round.

If you’re looking for quality second hand office furniture, visit Selbie’s Gold Coast Office National in Burleigh Heads. We have a wide range of second hand office furniture available to suit all of your office needs.