Selbie’s Tips on How to be Economical with Printing

It may be time to retire your old office printer, as a new one might just save you money!

It may not have been something you have been considering, as after all your old printer may still work fine. So, there may not feel like a valid point in needing to replace it. But, the fact is, your old printer is probably costing you more money than it should.

Print technology has come a long way, and your old printer is probably way behind. Maintenance and ink costs are soaring, and your old printer is most likely eating up a very large chunk of your office budget. Plus, technology advances in both printer hardware as well as ink/toner quality and costs are leaping ahead.

Generally speaking, technology – such as an office printer – has a lifespan of about 18-24 months. And while we update our personal smartphones, computers and technology regularly, we unfairly demand that the office electronics last forever at peak performance. Plus, chances are within even a year of your printer purchase, there has been new models and cutting-edge technology released that have completely eclipsed your printer.

The biggest expense of a printer is not its purchase cost, but its running cost. It is important to remember that if cutting down on office costs is important to you and/or something you’re looking at doing. New printers will have refinements made to their ink, toner as well as enhancements to engines and mechanisms. What this means is less maintenance costs, and cheaper spends on ink and toner.

If you or your office is in need of a printer upgrade, Selbie’s Gold Coast office national has a range of latest models available. Plus, we sell a huge range of office furniture and office accessories, making us a one-stop-shop for all your office needs.