How Often Should You Change Your Office Furniture?

Your old office furniture could be having a negative effect on your employees’ productivity, morale and health!

Employee morale directly effects their productivity, and so savvy business owners are beginning to realise more and more exactly how much providing a great work environment will positively impact employees. The question that remains is, how do you know when you need an update?

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

If you were to look around your office space and be honest with yourself, does the office furniture look unwelcoming, messy and dated? If you notice it, you can be sure that your customers will too! Office furniture can directly reflect your company’s commitment to future growth as well as its corporate culture.

Space Issues

If your company has grown, but your desks haven’t, chances are your employees are getting crammed into uncomfortable work spaces with not enough area to work productively. With so many cost-effective office furniture choices available, including modular desk systems, space issues are a thing of offices past.

Uncomfortable is Unnecessary

Outdated chairs could be causing your employees major back and health issues. Equipping your office and employees with comfortable seating will increase their productivity, and it’s an easy as well as inexpensive way to increase their moral and support their health.

Selbie’s Gold Coast Office National can help you find all of your office furniture needs to give your business an update. From office desks and office chairs to Filing and storage options available, we are a one-stop-shop in helping to make your office fit-out as easy and convenient as can be. Call us on 07 5522 0440 or visit us at our Gold Coast store in Burleigh Heads.