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New Office Furniture Gold Coast

Fitting out a new or existing office with furniture is an important task but it needn’t be stressful. At Selbie’s Gold Coast Office National our small but knowledgeable team are ready and willing to help you make the right decisions.


As well as selling stationery and office supplies, we have access to a range of new office furniture. We can help you with one-off items or help you fit out an entire office. Being affiliated with the Office National group means we can offer a huge variety and range of office furniture and supplies without compromising on the old fashioned personalised service you expect from a local business.

Even though design and functionality are important, we understand that the most important thing about office furniture is that it helps make your office a conducive environment for productivity.


Along with chairs, a desk is the most important piece of furniture in an office. A desk needs to be a space that allows the user to be able to work in a comfortable and practical micro environment. Our range of desks include reception desks, modular desk systems, straight desk, sit-stand desk, workstations. Also desk returns and pedestals.


Ergonomics is a very important consideration when purchasing new office furniture. Poorly designed office furniture can lead to fatigue and even MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorder) pain and injury. The benefits of using ergonomic furniture for your office are many but most notably improved productivity with less frustration due to pain or discomfort.

One type of ergonomic office furniture that is becoming increasingly popular with both employees and employers is the idea of a stand-up desk or dual sit/stand desk. Our height adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs allow you to put together either type of work environment to suit each individual’s requirements and preferences.

We offer sit/stand tables as well as full size adjustable desks that make it easy for the user to choose the position that suits them best. We also stock electronic desk frames that allow the user to adjust the table height with one touch of a button.

For sit and/or stand desks we sell monitor arms that allow easy movement and positioning of a keyboard or monitor.

Along with desks, we have stylish modern ergonomic chairs that offer comfort for sit down or stand up work environments.


Secure storage of keys, money, cheque books and other valuable or sensitive items need not be a problem when you have your own safe. We have strong fire resistant tested safes with programmable electronic keypad entry.

Cupboards, Bookcases and Credenzas

Almost all offices require some form of cupboard, bookcase or credenza for storing books and folders. We have a range of colours and style to choose from when it comes to bookcases so talk to us about your needs and we’ll help you find something suitable for your office.

A credenza is a functional and attractive piece of office furniture. It functions as a sideboard style cupboard which gives it the advantage of allowing you to hide the contents within and be able to use the top surface as a functional tabletop.

Cupboards are a practical necessity but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. We have a variety of real wood veneer credenzas and cabinets designed to give a sophisticated look even in an executive office environment.

If you’re looking for new affordable office furniture drop into our showroom at Burleigh Heads or give us a call. Our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you no matter what size office you have or what your requirements are. Contact us on 07 5522 0440 or

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