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Desks are an integral part of an office. You could even say office desks are what defines an office. At Selbie’s Gold Coast Office National we specialise in desks whether they are, new office desks, used office desks and even custom office desks for any sized office. When you need something specially designed to accommodate the needs of your office, you can come to us. We’ll work with you to design an office desk that will be perfect for your requirements.


From reception desks in your waiting room, lobby, front of office, to office workstations, we are the go-to people on the Gold Coast for office desks.

Reception Desks

First impressions count! Why not make a good one with a reception desk designed to suit your office and keep your receptionist happy? Our range of reception desks accommodate virtually all budgets and tastes.

Choosing the right reception desk for your office is more than simply choosing one that appeals to you visually. As much as it’s important that you’re happy with the look of your reception desk it’s equally important that you choose a reception desk that fits your brand (e.g. conservative, bold colours), is an appropriate size for your office space, and meets all the practical requirements.

Modular Desk Systems

For open plan offices, a modular desk system is a very effective way to create a number of unique work environments without the cost of having to install partitioning for individual offices. Each work space can be customised to fit the type of work environment required.

Modular desk systems bring a sense of privacy to each worker, along with a space they can use to create their own work space. We offer a range of modular desk systems designed to help reduce distraction and/or promote interaction to increase productivity.

Happy workers are better workers so it’s worth taking the time to get the right office furniture to fit with the needs of your office and its workers.

Desks, Returns and Pedestals

A desk return can be a good choice if you want a desk that has the ability to have a wing portion, they can be left or right sided and it is determined by office layout and preference of person sitting at the desk. This type of desk can be an ‘L’ or ‘U’ shaped desk.

A pedestal is fixed or free standing set of drawers that sit under a desk top and are generally a small cabinet of stacked drawers.


As the name suggests, a workstation desk needs to be a design that will best suit the type of work that is required by the user. Take into consideration what will need to go on the desk, e.g. computer monitor, lamp, paper work or paper trays. If you need a workstation to accommodate a computer, make sure there is sufficient space for the CPU and built in holes for leads and cords so that they don’t get in the way of the user. Also, consider the size of the workstation needed and style (e.g. corner workstation). A good workstation will help efficiency and productivity.

We offer, new office desks, used office desks and even custom office desks. Whatever you need we’ll find a way to make your office look great with all the functionality you require.

From the moment clients step into your office or are greeted at the front desk, we’ll help you make it an impressive and functional experience. We can help you create an open desk system or corner desk system that will work for you.

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