How to Choose the Perfect Desk for You

We’ve made it easy for you to choose the perfect desk for you.

Choosing a generic office desk for yourself or everyone in the office may seem the easiest and cheapest option when placing your order, but it may not be the best solution for your business or your productivity. By tailoring your office desk choice to best suit each individual – yourself included – you can reduce complaints, maximise productivity and cut costs by getting what you really need, the first time.

We have put together a buying guide to help make choosing the perfect office desk for you or your business easy and streamlined:

1. Design

The way that it looks is one of the first things you look for when choosing an office desk. Desk design has come a long way, with traditional options through to the ultra-fashionable now available to coordinate with your personal or office style. The design is also important in determining its durability and functionality.

  • Colour – Standard corporate colours, such as black, white and grey are still favourites. Though you can choose something brighter to liven the space up, which is a great option for creative industries looking to inspire imagination and ideas.
  • Material – Timber look-alike, laminate or melamine top office desks are two optimal choices should you be looking to add a bit of texture to your workspace. Plus, they are very classic looks that can be easily livened up with additional office accessories (desk lamps, floor mats, organisers, etc.)

2. Size

Now the size of your desk depends heavily upon the size of your space, but here are three general desk shapes to help you get started in choosing the right office desk for you and your space.

  • Workstation – A workstation is a U-shaped desk. As such, a very large amount of space is usually required to fit this workstation. It is a great option for big open-plan spaces as it’s an inviting and comfortable feeling desk.
  • L-Shaped Desk & Return – Great for corner offices! The L-shaped office desk and return is also a perfect option for anyone needing a lot of surface space.

3. Style

The style of your office desk can be a very personal choice, and depends a lot on functionality needs and space availability. There are some typical options to suit specific functionalities that may be exactly what you’re searching for.

  • Reception Desk – This is the first impression customers and clients will have of your business when they walk through the front door, so why not make it a great one! Choosing a stylish reception desk will keep your business, and consequently your receptionist very happy.
  • Modular Desk Systems – A great choice for open plan offices, this desk style is a very effective way to create a myriad of unique work environments, all without having the bigger cost of custom designed furniture. We offer a range of modular desk systems designed to help reduce distraction as well as promote interaction, which has been proven to increase productivity.
  • Sit/Stand Desk – The latest trend in desk systems, these are becoming more and more popular office desk choices. Some designs of this style have an electronic height adjustment so that you can easily switch between sitting or standing. This makes it a great choice should you be considering the switch to a standing desk, but aren’t fully committed to the idea yet.

To make shopping for the perfect office desk convenient for you, Selbie’s Gold Coast Office National offer a one-stop shop for virtually all of your office needs. We even have a delivery service, and we will buy your old office furniture or do trade-ins! Give us a call on 07 5522 0400 or visit us at our Gold Coast store in Burleigh Heads for all of your office chair, office accessories and office desk needs.